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Google Chome extensions that you must have. We start with: Tactiq

Actualizado: 10 jun 2022

I know that there are many applications or extensions that we can use when having a small or medium business. But which ones are really effective when it comes to doing our job? We will be uploading several applications and extensions that will help you when doing your job.

We start with: Tactiq

How does this application help us? This application helps us transcribe in real time, take notes and take "screen shots" of our meetings on Zoom or Google Meet.

How do we work with it?

  • Download the Tactiq Chrome extension (it's free)

  • Join Google Meet or Zoom

  • Tactiq will automatically record the meeting transcript in real time.

  • Highlight important things with one click

  • Save Google Meet captions as a transcript in Google Doc

  • Save Google Meet chat history to your transcript

  • Take screenshots in Google Meet and Zoom

  • Google Meet attendance tracker

  • Save Zoom captions as a transcript in Google Doc

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